The ReWiA software


ReWiA (shortcut for polish "Redukcja Widm Astronomicznych") is a data processing program targetted mainly for spectroscopy. It can perform tasks such as converting plate spectra from densities to intensities, calibration in wavelength scales, calibration in absolute intensities, calculation of radial velocities, simultaneous fitting of multiple gaussian/lorentz profiles to part of spectrum, normalization to continuum. Recently, due to increasing number of CCD data, support for 2D images has been added, including aperture and gaussian photometry of CCD images as well as extracting 1D-spectra from 2D CCD images.

I wrote the program in 1990 for DOS. It was then ported to Solaris and Linux around year 2000. Since then it was not developed (excepting some recompilations and small bug fixes w.r.t system header files). The program has limited capabilities compared to say IRAF or MIDAS. Anyway, since some people continue to use it, and asked me for some "official" URL, I created this page.

Official reference


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