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The conference will be held from Tuesday 28 June morning to Saturday 2 July (6 PM). Each session will start with two or three reviews, followed by oral contributions and poster presentations. Three discussions will be organized on specific topics, introduced by discussion leaders.

Oral presentations

  • The reviews will be of 35 min + 5 min questions.
  • The oral presentations will be of 15 min + 5 min questions.
  • The discussions will be of 40 min preceded by a 20 min introduction.
  • Posters can be advertized orally by their authors with one transparency, immediately before the poster session to which they belong.

In order to reduce overheads between presentations, we recommend that authors of electronic presentations download their files on the conference laptops and check that they run correctly. This should be done before the first session of the day.

Available conference laptops:

  • one PC running windows XP
  • one PC running Linux
  • one Macintosh running Mac OS X

Available electronic presentation formats:

  • PowerPoint (Windows, Mac OS X)
  • OpenOffice 1.1.x (Linux)
  • PDF Acrobat 7.0 (all systems)


Posters will be on display during the entire conference.

The maximum size of the posters is 1 m wide and 1.40 m high.

Authors of posters can advertise their contribution orally with one (and only one) transparency or one powerpoint or pdf page (two minutes maximum) immediately before the poster session to which they belong.

Authors of posters are kindly asked to stay beside their poster during the corresponding poster session, in order to facilitate exchanges of views.

Authors of posters are encouraged to download their entire poster files in pdf format on the conference laptops so that they may be posted on the conference website and appear on the conference cd-rom.


The conference proceedings will be published in AIP Conference Proceedings. Practical details will be given at the conference.


We plan to issue a cd-rom with the electronic presentations and the posters, to be distributed to all the conference participants as soon as possible after the conference.

We also plan to post this material on the conference website.

Those authors who do not wish their presentation to appear on the web and/or in the cd-rom are kindly required to inform the LOC.

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