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Musical movie inspired by planetary nebulae, by 15 year old school boy from Gdynia Marcin Cybulski. This movie won the special prize of the art contest "Planetary Nebulae, flowers of the Cosmic Fields", Gdansk June 27.

download the movie (length=6min size=73MB)

Tuesday June 28

09:00 Grazyna Stasinska - Introduction (oral presentation)

09:20 Julieta Fierro - Planetary Nebulae as a tool to teach and promote astronomy (invited talk)

10:00 Barbara Ercolano - New advances in photoionization codes: how and what for? (invited talk)

10:40 oral presentation of posters from session 1

10:55 coffee and poster viewing session 1

11:35 Michal Rozyczka - Problems in gaseous hydrodynamics (invited talk)

12:15 Bruce Balick - The Astrophysical Challenges of the Last Decade of Observations of PNe (oral presentation)

12:35 Katrina Exter - Spatially resolved studies of PNe (oral presentation)

12:55 Christophe Morisset - A fast pseudo-3D photoionization code for aspherical planetary nebulae and HII regions (oral presentation)

13:15 Denise R. Goncalves - Do we really know how to derive the basic PNe's parameters? (oral presentation)

13:35 lunch

15:35 Jeronimo Bernard-Salas - Mid-infrared spectroscopy of Planetary Nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds (oral presentation)

15:55 Simon Casassus - A new component in the radio continua of PNe (oral presentation)

16:15 Adam Frank - Planetary Nebulae as Laboratories for Astrophysical MHD (oral presentation)

16:35 Yiannis Tsamis - Elemental abundances in PNe and HII regions: lessons in parallel (oral presentation)

16:55 François Cuisinier - Wavelet Transform and Micro-Structures in Planetary Nebulae (oral presentation)

17:15 Patrick Huggins - Signatures of the Magnetic Field Structure in Planetary Nebulae (oral presentation)

17:35 oral presentation of posters from session 2

17:50 drinks and poster viewing session 2

18:30 Noam Soker - Can we ignore magnetic field in studies of PN formation shaping and interaction with the ISM? (discussion)

Wednesday June 29

09:00 Corinne Charbonnel - Post AGB and PN: The indispensable constraints for nucleosynthesis predictions (invited talk)

09:40 Adalbert Pauldrach - Radiation driven atmospheres of O-type stars. Synthetic UV-spectra of consistent atmospheric models as a spectroscopic tool (invited talk)

10:20 Thibaut Decressin - The fate of super-AGB stars at low metallicity (oral presentation)

10:40 oral presentation of posters from session 3

10:55 coffee and poster viewing session 3

11:35 Klaus Werner - Light and heavy metal abundances in hot central stars (oral presentation)

11:55 Olga Suárez - Stellar evolution in the post-AGB stage (oral presentation)

12:15 Domingo Anibal Garcia-Hernandez - Why are massive O-rich AGB stars in our Galaxy not S-stars? (oral presentation)

12:35 Francisco Jimenez-Esteban - Stellar evolution and the `O-rich AGB sequence' (oral presentation)

12:55 Sarah Eyermann - The nature and origin of molecular knots in planetary nebulae (oral presentation)

13:15 Silvia Torres-Peimbert - PNe as tests of the kinematics of dense circumstellar material (oral presentation)

13:35 lunch

15:35 Martin A. Guerrero - X-ray and UV Observations of Hot Gas in Planetary Nebulae (oral presentation)

15:55 Howard Bond - Spectroscopic Binaries in Planetary Nebulae (oral presentation)

16:15 Orsola De Marco - Common envelope evolution through Planetary Nebula eyes (oral presentation)

16:35 Ralf Napiwotzki - The most metal-poor PN and its binary central star (oral presentation)

16:55 Geoffrey Clayton - The Shadow Echoes of UW Cen (oral presentation)

17:15 Albert Zijlstra - The reheating of Sakurai's Object (oral presentation)

17:45 oral presentation of posters from session 4

17:50 drinks and poster viewing session 4

18:30 Sun Kwok - How well do we understand the evolution from an AGB star to a PN? (discussion)

Thursday June 30

09:00 Robin Ciardullo - The extragalactic distance scale (invited talk)

09:40 Paola Marigo - Stellar population synthesis including planetary nebulae (invited talk)

10:20 Detlef Schoenberner - On the reliability of planetary nebulae as extragalactic probes (oral presentation)

10:40 oral presentation of posters from session 5

10:55 coffee and poster viewing session 5

11:35 Alexei Kniazev - Search for PNe in Nearby Galaxies with SDSS imaging data (oral presentation)

11:55 Jose M Vilchez - M33 PNs revisited: checking spectroscopic & chemical results (oral presentation)

12:15 Pierre Leisy - New PNe abundances in several LG galaxies (oral presentation)

12:35 Romano L.M. Corradi - Detection of new PNe by IPHAS an H-alpha survey of the Northern Galactic plane (oral presentation)

12:55 Quentin Parker - The Macquarie/AAO/Strasbourg H-alpha Planetary nebula project (MASH) (oral presentation)

13:15 lunch

Friday July 1

10:00 Eli Dwek - The Cycle of Cosmic Dust (invited talk)

10:40 oral presentation of posters from session 6

10:55 coffee and poster viewing session 6

11:35 Ryszard Szczerba - Evolution of PAH features from proto- to planetary nebulae. (oral presentation)

11:55 Tatsuhiko Hasegawa - Planetary Nebulae as Testgrounds of Theories of Interstellar Molecular Chemistry (oral presentation)

12:15 Nikos Prantzos - The role of single stars of low and intermediate mass in the chemical evolution of galaxies (invited talk)

12:55 Francesca Matteucci - SNe Ia and Novae: their roles in galactic chemical evolution (invited talk)

13:35 lunch

15:35 Pedro Garcia-Lario - The use of PNe precursors in the study of Diffuse Interstellar Bands (oral presentation)

15:55 Miriam Pena - Using planetary nebulae to analyze the abundance gradient in the Galaxy (oral presentation)

16:15 Walter Maciel - Planetary Nebulae as a chemical evolution tool: abundance gradients (oral presentation)

16:35 Slawomir K. Gorny - Abundances of two planetary nebulae populations towards the Galactic center. (oral presentation)

16:55 Roberto Costa - Planetary nebulae and the chemical evolution of the galactic bulge (oral presentation)

17:15 Cristina Chiappini - Planetary Nebulae as tools to constrain stellar nucleosynthesis and the formation of the Milky Way (oral presentation)

17:35 oral presentation of posters from session 7

17:50 drinks and poster viewing session 7

18:30 Jeremy Walsh - Galactic versus extragalactic PNe: two different views of the same phenomenon ? (discussion)

Saturday July 2

09:00 Magda Arnaboldi - Stellar populations in the intergalactic space (invited talk)

09:40 Nieves D. Castro-Rodríguez - Diffuse light in galaxy groups (oral presentation)

10:20 Ortwin Gerhard - Detection of Intracluster Planetary Nebulae in the Coma Cluster (oral presentation)

10:40 Niranjan Sambhus - Kinematic evidence for different Planetary Nebulae Populations in the elliptical galaxy NGC 4697 (oral presentation)

11:00 oral presentation of posters from session 8

11:15 coffee and poster viewing session 8

11:55 Konrad Kuijken - The Dark Matter Problem (invited talk)

12:35 Lia Athanassoula - The buildup and dynamical evolution of galaxies (invited talk)

13:15 Kimberly Herrmann - Planetary Nebula Studies of Face-On Spiral Galaxies: Is the Disk Mass-to-Light Ratio Constant? (oral presentation)

13:35 lunch

15:55 Gary Mamon - Dynamical modelling of PN motions around elliptical galaxies: is there a lack of dark matter? (oral presentation)

16:15 Martin M. Roth - Studying Planetary Nebulae with 3D Spectroscopy (oral presentation)

16:35 Holland Ford - Summary of Meeting Highlights (invited talk)

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