My name is Stanisław Kozłłowski. I was born in Poznań, Poland on JD 2446355.83. In 2008 I defended my MSc thesis in Automation and Robotics entitled Control System of a Modular Mobile Robot at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management of the Poznań University of Technology. In 2009 I defended my MSc in Astronomy on the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. My thesis, written in English: Timing of Eclipses of Binary Stars from the ASAS Catalog.

In 2010 I worked for General Electric Company in their Engineering Design Center in Warsaw.

At present I am a member of the Solaris team and a PhD student in the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (NCAC).

My scientific interests focus on the installation of the Solaris Telescope Network. From the technical side I take care of the integration of hardware that builds up the robotic observatories, including control and safety systems.

My astronomical interest concentrate on the timing of eclipses of binary stars: photometric data reduction, analysis and simulations.

In private I am interested in photography, I also hold a PPL license.

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