Piotr Waldemar Sybilski, MSc

I am a PhD student at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (NCAC) in Torun. The supervisor of my studies is Dr. Maciej Konacki. NCAC Torun is a department of NCAC Warsaw, which is a part of Polish Academy of Sciences. I am the member of scientific team, which main fields of interest are eclipsing binaries and circumbinary exoplanets (Project Solaris):

- Maciej Konacki
- Krzysztof Hełminiak
- Stanisław Kozłowski
- Milena Ratajczak

The main subject of my current work is non-keplerian effects in binaries. Numerical simulations, analytical approximations and best observational campaign in context of:

I am also interested in advanced method of data analysis, selection and modelling. Moreover, I develope computer software for registering, visualization and analysis of psychophysiological variables, measured from human body (BYWAR).