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Start: Krzysztof Grzegorz Helminiak, PhD

I am a reaserch fellow (post-doc level) at the Subaru Telescope which is part of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, and is located at the summit of Maunakea, at the Big Island of Hawaii (HQ in Hilo). I am also a member of the Solaris team. I used to work in the Strategic Explorations of Exoplanets and Disks with Subaru (SEEDS), Vista Variables in Via Lactea (VVV), or VVV Templates projects, as well as in commissioning of a high-resolution spectrograph PUCHEROS.

I work mainly on eclipsing binaries (observations, modeling, parameters derivation), leading an observational project called Comprehensive Research with Echelles on the Most interesting Eclipsing binaries (CREME). I am also interested in detection of extrasolar planets (in binaries, of course), adaptive optics, astrometry, and optical/IR interferometry.

Solaris group members:
• Maciej Konacki, Prof.
• Milena Ratajczak, PhD
• Stanisław Kozlowski, MSc Eng
• Piotr Sybilski, MSc
• Rafał Pawłaszek, MSc Eng
• Michał Litwicki, MSc Eng
• Tomasz Jurkiewicz, MSc Eng

Other collaborators:
Nobuharu Ukita (OAO, NAOJ)
Eiji Kambe (OAO, NAOJ)
• Masayuki Kuzuhara (TiTECH & NAOJ)
Ewa Niemczura (Univ. of Wrocław)
Magdalena Polińska (AO AMU)
Andres Jordan (IA PUC)
Nestor Espinoza (IA PUC)
• Rafael Brahm (IA PUC)
Rodolfo Angeloni (Gemini South)
Dante Minniti (UNAB)

Outside my work, I like to travel, and make a lot of photos, especially with my family.

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