Publications in 1998
Gamma-ray pulsars in a modified polar-cap scenario
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1998, in Chan K.L., Cheng K.S., Singh H.P., eds., Proc. 1997 Pacific Rim Conference, PASP Conf. Series, Vol 138, 281
The efficiency of gamma-ray emission from pulsars
Rudak, B. & Dyks, J.
1998, MNRAS, 295, 337
The origin of thermal components in the X-ray spectra of pulsars
Rudak, B.
1998, in Shibazaki N., Kawai N., Shibata S., Kifune T., eds, Proc. Int. Conference 'Neutron Stars & Pulsars', Universal Academy Press (Tokyo, Japan), p.383
ISO-SWS observations of planetary nebulae with [WR] central stars.
Szczerba, R., Górny, S. K. & Tylenda, R.
1998, ISO's view on stellar evolution, Waters, Waelkens & van der Hucht (eds.), Ap&SS 255, 515
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