Publications in 2000
Spectral features in gamma-rays expected from millisecond pulsars
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2000, MNRAS, 317, 97
Looking for GRB progenitors
Belczynski K., Bulik T. & Rudak, B.
2000, AIP Conf. Proc., 526, 638
Temporal and spectral properties of pulsars in a polar cap model
Dyks, J. & Rudak, B.
2000, Proc. IAU Coll. No.177, ASP Conference Series, Vol.202, 433
The question of the peak separation in the Vela pulsar
Dyks, J., Rudak, B. & Bulik T.
2000, Proc. 19th Texas Symposium, Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.), 80 [CD-ROM]
Electron energy losses near pulsar polar caps: a Monte Carlo approach
Dyks, J. & Rudak, B.
2000, A&A, 360, 263
Model of peak separation in the gamma lightcurve of the Vela pulsar
Dyks, J. & Rudak, B.
2000, MNRAS, 319, 477
Approximate expressions for polar gap electric field of pulsars
Dyks, J. & Rudak, B.
2000, A&A, 362, 1004
Evolutionary status of hydrogen deficient central stars of planetary nebulae.
Górny, S. K., Tylenda, R.
2000, A&A 362, 1008
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