Curriculum Vitae

Piotr Sybilski
Date of Birth: 15.12.1983
Nationality: Polish
Place of Birth: Rabka, POLAND

Education & Qualifications

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland
M.Sc. in Astronomy
Thesis: "Search for extrasolar planets via eclipses timing: numerical simulations".

Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics: "Extra-Solar Planets: The detection, formation, evolution and dynamics of planetary systems", Skye, United Kingdom
May 2007 (2 weeks)
Main topics: detection, formation, evolution and dynamics of planetary systems.

III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adama Mickiewicza, High School, Bydgoszcz, Poland


NCAC Polish Academy of Sciences, Toruń, Poland
July 2007 (6 weeks)
Subject: Detecting circumbinary planets

Astronomical Observatory of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
Space Research Centre, Borowiec, Poland

July 2006 (4 weeks)
Subject: artificial satellites, photometry, planetoids, CCD cameras


216th AAS Meeting, Miami, USA
May 2010
Poster: "Detecting Circumbinary Planets Using Eclipse Timing of Binary Stars - From Simulations to Observations"

OSSAD 2009, Warszawa, Poland
December 2009
Presentation: "Non-keplerian effects in binary star systems"

International Conference of Young Astronomers, Kraków, Poland
September 2009
Presentation: "Project Solaris: Circumbinary Exoplanets"

XXVII General Assembly of IAU, Rio de Janeiro, Brazylia
August 2009

OSSA V, Poznań, Poland
September 2008
Presentation: "Discovering exoplanets via eclipses timing"

Extra-solar planets in multi-body systems: theory and observations, Toruń, Poland
July 2008
Poster: "Search for exoplanets via precise eclipses timing: numerical simulations"

Young Scientists' Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics, Kiev, Ukraine
April 2008
Presentation: "Kepler Mission: Detecting Extrasolar Planets via Eclipses Timing".

International Conference of Physics Students, London, United Kingdom
August 2007
Presentation: "Eclipses Timing: Detecting Extrasolar Planets".


Polish – Mother tongue
English – fluent written and spoken
German – intermediate